The Value of the Service Desk.

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For managers, CEOs, and CFOs, the value of a Service Desk is often very hard to define. It is hard to define because Service Desks cannot be quantified easily on a ledger, but often they are extremely valuable to an organization.

To understand the value of a Service Desk, first understand whether your organization is getting a help desk or a Service Desk. What is the difference between the two? Does it even matter? Though people often use the terms interchangeably, there is a significant difference between the two. Help …

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What’s in your contract?

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Managed services can be a complicated world. When an organization decides to outsource their IT services to a managed service provider (MSP) at some point, a contract will come into play. Contracts are meant to set expectations for both the MSP and the customer, but not all contracts are created equal. Do you know what you are getting for your monthly fees? How do you know if you are receiving what you paid for?

Let’s breakdown a few things to look for in a managed services contract:

Services …

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Planning for Adversity: Ensuring business communication continuity with the cloud

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Your new marketing campaign was a huge success and your office is receiving the highest level of calls you’ve ever experienced in your growing business.  Your staff is taking live calls, checking voicemail and returning customer inquiries as fast as they can.

Can you imagine the impact if your phone system goes down mid-morning – at the peak of the call volume?

Who knows why disaster strikes?

It could be a clumsy utility worker, a lightening storm or some other unpredictable problem.  Phone system issues are a reality with traditional telecommunications systems and …

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Ramping Up: Deploying a Phone System that Works for Remote Employees

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What if you were challenged by your CEO to hire a significant number of new employees within the next 6 months?  He would want you to find the right talent that will do the jobs exceptionally well and meet the demands of your growing business.

As a senior manager, you know that finding employees with the right stuff will require you to look outside of your current office locations.  Your goal is to find the right people – location is no longer critical.  And, you need to remain close to the …

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In the past year, US businesses and consumers experienced more than $18 million in losses stemming from ransomware. In Q1 of 2015, reported ransomware attacks increased 165% from Q4 of 2014.

 What is ransomware?

Ransomware is malware that’s designed to lock and encrypt data on computer systems for the purposes of extorting payment to perpetrators of the malware attack to unlock and decrypt the affected files. Some forms will also spread throughout computer networks once a connected computer has been compromised and proceed with encrypting files across vulnerable computers and servers. …

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How to Empower Employee Collaboration with Cloud Communications

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Remember the days when the only way you could empower your team to collaborate was in face-to-face meetings that required time and travel that were planned far in advance? That brings up not-so-fond memories of securing landlines, delayed flights, flip charts, windowless meeting rooms and maybe even slide projectors!

Of course in today’s business world, this is an outdated and impractical proposition. You and your team are mobile, on demand. Your mobility requires today’s flexible business communication tools that enable quick teamwork to solve business problems.

But how do you create collaboration …

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Unified Communications Changes the Nature of Work

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In the 21st century, work is no longer a place you go, but a thing you do. That’s the nature of the changing work place. And your phone system needs to work with you – in multiple locations, with a mobile and growing staff, and a customer that demands high quality communications. You do more. Your phone system needs to support you, not hinder you.

As your business changes and grows, you’re likely hiring employees that will work remotely and flexibly. You may have sales people …

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A Handy Guide to Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

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What is electrical contracting?

Electrical contracting is the business of supplying businesses, buildings, and communities with electrical power and communications.

Types of electrical contractors

Outside/line contractors- deal with high-voltage power and distribution power lines. These contractors ensure the electricity from the power plant is delivered safely to the destination.

Inside contractors- deal with electricity within a specific structure’s boundary lines (including outside lights, but mostly within the building).

Integrated building systems (IBS) or Voice/Data/ Vido (VDV) contractors- specialize in optimizing the use of low-voltage electrical applications. These contractors deal with back-up power, uninterruptible power supply …

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3 Types of Phone Systems For Your Business

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Phone outages can cost a business a lot of money in missed opportunities. One survey of data center managers found that over 80% of them reported outages costing the business more than $50,000 an hour! There are many options available for those seeking a business telephone system, and each of these options has its own pros and cons. Read on for details on some of the different kinds of business phone systems available on the market today.

Virtual phone service-

Works by connecting businesses’ phones to workers in the field either via …

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Three Important Factors To Consider When Shopping for a New Security System

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If there’s one thing that has become very clear in recent years, it’s that the digital age is more convenient and more exciting than anyone could have ever predicted — but it also holds more virtual security threats than anyone could have predicted, too.

If you own and run a small business, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Not only do you have to make sure that you’re buying a security system that will be a good value for the cost, but you also have to pay attention to all …

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