The Value of the Service Desk.

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For managers, CEOs, and CFOs, the value of a Service Desk is often very hard to define. It is hard to define because Service Desks cannot be quantified easily on a ledger, but often they are extremely valuable to an organization.

To understand the value of a Service Desk, first understand whether your organization is getting a help desk or a Service Desk. What is the difference between the two? Does it even matter? Though people often use the terms interchangeably, there is a significant difference between the two. Help desks are focused on resolving the single issue at hand and often have limited scope of work. A Service Desk is a customer-focused single point of contact, with a broad scope of work. A Service Desk will work with multiple teams across many lifecycles and departments on behalf of the end user. This single point of contact allows the Service Desk to more quickly identify trends in incidents and service requests. A Service Desk’s function and structure are outlined in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, better known as ITIL. The ITIL framework is the world’s most adapted and utilized IT service management approach. Is your IT department using the ITIL best practices framework? Many companies claim to have a Service Desk, while in practice, really only provide a help desk.

As previously mentioned, each organization and each Service Desk is uniquely different. Typically, a Service Desk will resolve 70%-80% of clients’ issues on the first request, either by phone call, e-mail, or a self-service portal. That means nearly 8 out of 10 times you call the Service Desk, they are able to fix your issue and get your staff back to work. You should expect that a majority of the time they are going to not only assist you but resolve your issue. The other 2 times when they need to escalate an issue their work is still important. They are able to complete some troubleshooting of the issue so the next level technician is able to continue working without the client having to re-explain the issue or waste time repeating steps that have already been done. Typically, a Service Desk will have multiple technicians with wider hours of availability than a single engineer. A Service Desk minimizes downtime while also minimizing the cost of your IT services. A good Service Desk as the single point of contact will create a more efficient IT organization by being able to take ownership of issues and organize different departments. Part of a Service Desk’s value is how it fits into the overall IT solution—a Service Desk alone shouldn’t be the entire IT solution.

Specialized Tier 2 technicians and higher level engineers can be very costly. Having under-utilized high-level technicians can cost your organization or raise the cost of your managed IT services. Tier 2 and Tier 3 technicians are not designed for high availability. They are often working on several issues for multiple clients. Why wait around for a single technician when you just need a simple fix? A quality Service Desk provides a truly holistic approach to your IT needs. A quality IT solution isn’t a Service Desk OR a single high-level engineer. A quality IT solution uses a mix of different IT levels and specialties. Sometimes a business’ needs are remote and onsite. Remote desktop sharing solutions are great and can get people back to work fast. However, sometimes your IT needs require a person—a living, breathing person—to come on site, look you in the eye, and fix something. Don’t settle for remote-only services. Kidwell provides a truly holistic approach to your IT needs by offering end-to-end solutions. From password sets to on-site disaster recovery solutions, Kidwell is with you every step of the way.

How valuable is quality service to you? As the Service Desk manager, I routinely need to hire new employees. I never hire Service Desk technicians. I only hire future engineers and future system administrators with a passion for technology and an understanding of high-quality customer service. At Kidwell, we are very particular about who we select to join our team. There have been many tech-savvy candidates come through our doors, but I want more than someone with a few certifications, I want the whole package; the best of the best. We pride ourselves that many employees started their careers with our Service Desk. I push our technicians to continue training, obtain certifications, and continue refining customer service skills. I read customer surveys, listen to calls, and constantly look for new ways to improve our service. Customer service should be a culture and an organizational standard, not a contractually-mandated standard based on pricey contracts with long termination periods. At Kidwell, we want to keep your business with our service, not complicated contracts. This keeps us honest. This keeps us focused on you.

If you would like to know more about how our quality IT service and end-to-end solutions can provide value to your organization? Call us at 402-475-9151 or Email us at and we will be happy to discuss our variety of IT solutions to meet your business needs.
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Kody Salsman, Service Desk Manager
ITIL Foundations, ITIL Service Operation

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