Grow your options
with Kidwell.

Much more than an internship, this is an opportunity to explore your career options. Because Kidwell offers so many specialized professions under one roof, you gain access to a wealth of industries, skillsets, and knowledge.

As a Kidwell intern, you work alongside our team members, gaining real-world experience and access to people with vast knowledge and insight that can help you throughout your career. Our interns are viewed as part of our team, and just as we share our knowledge and ideas, we look to our interns to add value to our team based on what they’ve learned in the classroom.

As with all other areas of our business, Kidwell’s internship program is an opportunity to explore your talents, and grow your potential.


Kidwell interns gain real-world experience in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Estimation
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources/Hospitality
  • Sales

Benefits provided include:

  • 1 day of sick leave
  • 16 hours of paid vacation time
  • Academic Course Credit, if applicable
  • Frequent office lunches
  • Social events
  • Office fruit delivery and free soda, coffee, bottled water

Kidwell Interns are:

  • Self motivated
  • Team oriented
  • Lifelong learners
  • Effective communicators
  • Eager to help the business and fellow colleagues succeed

Meet our 2017
Kidwell Interns

Luke Pieper Project Management Intern

Luke Pieper
Project Management Intern

"I’ve enjoyed the chance to be a part of this internship with Kidwell which has taken my classwork and applied it to the real world. It has been an amazing experience that every student should take advantage of."

Luke Thiele IT Support Intern

Luke Thiele
IT Support Intern

"My internship has been the biggest influence in my development as an IT professional. Kidwell has provided me with countless opportunities to practice the skills I learn in classes, work alongside industry veterans, and receive training in the areas that interest me for career development. At Kidwell, you aren’t 'just an intern'; you’re a member of the team."

Emily Burton Inside Sales Intern

Emily Burton
Inside Sales Intern

"As an intern, I feel as though I am part of the full-time staff --- Everyone is very inclusive and we all work as a team.

Griffin Thomas Project Management Intern

Griffin Thomas
Project Management Intern

“It’s hard to find a place with a better culture than Kidwell. Everyone is willing to work and put in the hours to complete a project, and willing to help where needed. I would have struggled if it wasn’t for my co-workers to help bring me up to speed. For an internship, the amount of real world interaction you have with a project is amazing. You truly become a member of the team”

Trevor Salber Construction Design & Drafting Intern

Trevor Salber
Construction Design & Drafting Intern

"Although you hear about it often, the people here are the best. Working in a smaller company gives you the chance to work with a variety of departments on a daily basis."

Hannah Jones Accounting Intern

Hannah Jones
Accounting Intern

"I never anticipated that, as an intern, I would be treated like a valuable employee. Here at Kidwell, I am not only given plenty of responsibilities but also the resources and assistance to succeed, both in the workplace and in the classroom."

Chase Dodge Digital Marketing Intern

Chase Dodge
Digital Marketing Intern

"Kidwell has allowed me to play a large role in some of their biggest marketing projects as an intern. In the few short months I’ve been here the team has helped me become a better problem solver, and given me the confidence to tackle more daunting tasks."

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