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Phone Systems

Kidwell delivers end-to-end business phone systems to keep you connected. We know every business is different, in size and in need. We’re able to deliver solutions that fit the needs and goals of your business. That includes all support and maintenance of your solution.

Because Kidwell has a range of technology specialists in-house, we often collaborate to help make sure integrated solutions, such as professional sound systems and video, are considered throughout the process.

Kidwell’s professional phone systems include:

  • Premise Phone System

  • Cloud-Hosted Phone Systems

  • WiFi & DECT Spectralink Systems

  • Mobile Applications

  • Small Business and Enterprise Solutions

Our Mitel solutions are backed by service and support that keeps your business up and running. Our experts handle any and all maintenance, software updates, and more. Anything you need, or any questions you have are taken care of so you can stay focused on the core needs of your business.

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