Kidwell connects you to more. Our design-build approach simplifies your operation by fully integrating your electrical solution with other components, such as security, energy management systems, and lighting controls. Considering how your electrical system works with these other components, we often collaborate with other Kidwell service areas, including audio, security and healthcare to recommend a solution that best supports your team, and your business as a whole.

Our “big picture” approach empowers your business: 

  • Tailored Commercial & Industrial Systems
  • Robust Generator Systems for Continuous Power
  • Service Department, Site Monitoring, Training, and Support for Internal Teams

Like most industries, electrical systems continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Our team works diligently to stay informed and deliver innovative solutions that could include Cat6, PoE, and LED conversions. We believe in ongoing training in safety and monitoring of our work. Not only do we train our clients to understand and utilize their solution; we check in regularly and offer service and support to ensure you get the most from your investment.